Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tribulations and trials

Traveled to hotel where Michael was staying. Met him outside. Went out to get dinner. Didn't eat much. Don't like to eat before a big event. He explained. Golem of his went Rampant. Needed me to stop it. Every time he got close, was forced in some way to turn and go. I was to stop it while he waited in his room. Agreed.

First, took command orb. Tried to locate Golem in easiest way. Didn't work due to Rampancy. Golem was Shrouded. Had to go manual. Golem was made of clay. Found sample of clay from origin, mine shaft by a riverbed. Set Automatons around city to guard against Operatives of the Tulpa. Couldn't have interference. Had it anyway. Operative was controlling Golem. Was not entirely Rampant. First step, take out Operative. Wasn't hard. Operative was not paying attention to his surroundings. Was easily able to infiltrate by self. No need for any Golems. Attacked with ritual atheme. Gained hold before Operative could set down his makeshift command orb. Pinned Operative down to ground. Threatened to behead. Did not, of course. Not an advocate of unnecessary bloodshed. Instead, bound Operative and left with police. Destroyed command orb. Was easy to guide Golem to a safe place for it to deconstruct itself.

Returned to hotel. Michael was dead. Cut wrists in bathtub. Appeared to be suicide.


Returned home. Regained energies. Relaxed for some days. Always best to be rested.

Brick by brick.

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